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Carling's 1 Million Flag Give-Away

Development and delivery of over 400,000 mini barrels to hold Grant's & Glenfiddich's unique triangular bottles. 62 point Quality Control system implemented guaranteeing uniformity across all wooden products.

Taps designed to dispense 50ml of Whisky in 10 seconds. Long-term Gift with Purchase campaign spanning Europe and Asia.​
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Featured Merchandise Projects

To compliment Carling's 'Love Football' marketing a branded flag give-away was rolled out across the UK. Branded Flags were supplied for all Home Nations and Ireland.

2 meter wide flags with embroidered logo's were also supplied for use as in-store marketing along with five 15x10 meter embroidered flags for marketing in public spaces during live football games.

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Multi-year campaign by Pernod Ricard UK, targeting 18-24 year olds to tap into their "infectious Caribbean mindset, & bring the light-hearted spirit and upbeat energy of the islands to their everyday lives". 

Year 3: Line of Fashion Belts
Year 2: 385,000 cotton bags in five designs
Year 1: 485,000 'island inspired' bag charms, 7 styles
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W Hotels across the Asia-Pacific region choose our creative suggestions & quality merchandise to fulfill their Guest, VIP & events gifts as well as in-resort gift store procurement. 
Regularly supplying the W Hotels Group with products ranging from TSA padlocks & USB's to customised Powerbank chargers & Social Media Interactive Touch Kiosks
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W Hotels WOW Factor

The Sun - 'Old Firm' Supporter Kits

FMCG Promo Merchandise for ARLA

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Why Choose Asia Incentives

Collecting coupons during editions of The Sun during the week readers could redeem in ASDA either Glasgow Rangers or Celtic kits the weekend before the Scottish Premier League start of the season.

Delivery: Scotland and Ireland
Kits included: Facepaints, silicon bracelet, temporary tattoos, can cooler and club specific printed material.
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  • Our Team has over 40 years experience in sourcing and manufacturing products in China and Asia.
  • Our production offices are strategically located whereby we can reach our manufacturing plants easily to oversee your merchandise production.
  • We deal with reliable product suppliers that we have existing relationships with. Where we need to establish new manufacturing connections we research locally to find the right supplier. We do not carelessly use internet sourced suppliers.
  • We have multi-lingual staff allowing better communication in suppliers’ language to achieve the best price and quality available.
  • When an order is placed we provide a quality control procedure to ensure that product delivered is as good as or better than the sample approved
  • Our beliefs are based on quality and excellence. We understand that whatever product is ordered from Asia, all economic benefits are lost if the product is unacceptable due to bad quality.
  • We guide you throughout the entire process from sourcing to delivery. That’s why our clients return time after time.

Malibu 'Get your island on'

WM Grant's Mini Barrel GWP

For FMCG brand Anchor we developed CE approved Bongo Drums to compliment the brands licensing deal with Disney's 'The Jungle Book 2'. Tokens were collected from selected Anchor Butter packs and redeemed by consumers for the Bongo Drums.

For Anchor's spray cream line we've supplied waterproofed aprons and branded children's chef hats.

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