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Above Video: Spectators at Singapore National Day Parade 2014 clapping along with their Clap-Banners

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Above Video: Clap-Banner choreography for Singapore Ministry of Education Youth Celebrate SG50 & Official Opening of the Singapore Sports Hub

Video Above: Playlist of videos displaying Trophies, Cups, Shields and Medals produced by Asia Incentives for the Kuwait Football Association, VIVA Premier League, Amir's Cup and Crown Prince Cup

Above Video: Our Social Media Interactive Touch Kiosks, the perfect way to engage your event guests and social media followers

Why Choose Asia Incentives

  • Our Team has over 40 years experience in sourcing and manufacturing products in China and Asia with production offices strategically located whereby we can reach our manufacturing plants easily to oversee your merchandise production.
  • We deal with reliable product suppliers that we have existing relationships with. Where we need to establish new manufacturing connections we research locally to find the right supplier. We do not carelessly use internet sourced suppliers.
  • We have multi-lingual staff allowing better communication in suppliers’ language to achieve the best price and quality available.
  • When an order is placed we provide a quality control procedure to ensure that product delivered is as good as or better than the sample approved.​ Our beliefs are based on quality and excellence. We understand that whatever product is ordered from Asia, all economic benefits are lost if the product is unacceptable due to bad quality.
  • We guide you throughout the entire process from sourcing to delivery. That’s why our clients return time after time.

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Above Video: Spectators at Singapore National Day Parade 2013 clapping along with their Clap-Banners

      Below: Vintage Asia Incentives