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Quality Merchandise Management

Bad quality products can lead to cancelled orders, returned goods, discounted sales and in extreme cases legal actions. Quality products build customer loyalty, better pricing & margins and less paperwork & hassle in the long term.

At Asia Incentives we understand that well priced products combined with exacting quality control is imperative to ensuring repeating client business.

During product manufacturing & sourcing we consider key Quality Control points: Regulatory, Safety, Durability, Functionality & Aesthetics.

Every product requires different issues of QC, some may be solely cosmetic while others may require a more comprehensive QC.

We regularly ask our clients for their QC requirements together with drawings & regulatory documentation if required. 

3 QC fault levels are set: Critical, Major & Minor.

We setup a Quality Specification incorporating the QC points, fault levels and the client’s requirements. When manufacturing in Asia a translated QS is given to the manufacturers.

Depending on the client’s requirements QC inspections are carried out in any of the following stages:

Pre-manufacturing evaluation:
If the manufacturer is new to us we carry out a pre-order evaluation to ensure that the manufacturer is capable of producing the quality required.
If the supplier is already known to us we may carry out a further evaluation if the product to be manufactured is not covered by our previous evaluations.

During production:
Depending on the product & requirements we may conduct QC inspections during production Prior to shipment.

Post Production:
After the merchandise has been manufactured we will inspect either sample quantities or complete production depending on the client’s requirements.

All-in Services: where a product is quoted from within Australia or on a FOB or Delivered to your required location basis from within the Pearl River Delta (PRD) our Standard QC is included in the price.

Products sourced outside Australia or the PRD include our Standard QC but all travel costs and expenses are charged as additional costs.

Our Standard QC specifies the number of permissible Critical (none), Major and Minor defects in a given sample size. QC Levels and sample sizes depend on the following criteria: Production volume, Value of product, Complexity of product

Special / Independent QC services: when a client requires specialized or extensive QC services these will be actioned on a fee basis plus expenses